Faculty Training Materials

Everyone listed as an instructor for a class at RIT will have access to the Faculty Center, a portal within the Student Information System that serves as an online one-stop shop to access your schedule of classes, class rosters, historic grade rosters and more.

All permanent, non-adjunct faculty have access to Advisor Center as well. The Advisor Center is a portal within the Student Information System that provides you a modified view of what students see when they log in to the SIS. It serves as a central location to access a student’s schedule of classes, advisors, holds, course history, unofficial transcript, and more. Transactional pages are typically used for processing types of activities.

Training materials and how-to guides are posted below to help faculty find information and complete key processes in the SIS. As new functions and processes become available, we will continue to publish new training materials.

A Faculty Guide to the Student Information System

What's Included:

  • What is the Faculty Center and how do I get there?
  • My Schedule Page
  • Icon Legend
  • Class Rosters
  • Navigating to View Students who are Waitlisted or have Dropped a Class
  • Viewing Class Rosters with Student Photos
  • Printing Class Rosters
  • Downloading a Class Roster to Excel
  • Emailing students from the Class Roster
  • Final Exams
  • Historic Class/Grade Rosters
  • Wait Lists
  • How to Enter and Post Final Grades
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Grading
  • How to Submit Final Grades for Co-op Courses
  • What is the Advisor Center and how do I get there?
  • How to view a student's schedule
  • How to view advisors
  • How to view holds
  • How to access RIT course history
  • How to access an unofficial transcript
  • Class Search
  • Program Library
  • Term Values
  • Active Course Subject Codes
  • Glossary of Terms and Icons in PeopleSoft