AP Day 2024

7th Annual AP Day:
Principles and Practices of Leadership


To immerse area high school students in a college learning experience led by top teacher-scholars who seek to enrich their understanding of the role of statesmanship in American history and government. The content, sources, and instruction provided also seeks to help students prepare for AP exams in United States History and Government and Politics.


Thursday March 14, 2024
Friday March 15, 2024

8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.


Liberal Arts Hall, Room A205
Rochester Institute of Technology



40 minutes

Document Analysis and Q&A

15 minutes


45 minutes

Fees and Reservations


$10 per student
lunch included



For reservations and further information please contact:


8:30: Welcome and Introduction
Coffee and Donuts

9:05-9:55: Introduction, “The First Amendment in the Educational Setting”
— Dr. Joseph R. Fornieri, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for Statesmanship at Rochester Institute of Technology

10:00-10:50: “American Foreign Policy: Principle and Practice, 1790-2024”
— Dr. Sean Sutton, Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Department of Political Science at Rochester Institute of Technology

11:00-11:45: Lunch (provided by RIT on location)

11:45-12:35: “Progressivism and the Legacy of Herbert Croly”
- Dr. Elizabeth Amato, Associate Professor Political Science and International Affairs at Gardner-Webb University

12:40-1:30: “Strategies for Success on APUSH and AP GOV”
- Dr. Jeff Scott, AP Reader, VP of Education at Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge


The readings for each of the sessions are provided in the AP Day 2024 Readings Document.