Dimension One: People

Where Creativity Begins

RIT’s people have always been its greatest asset. Our students, faculty, and staff come to RIT because they are looking for something different in a university—a place where they can exercise their multiple talents, satisfy their thirst for learning and for doing, and experiment freely across borders. To realize our ambitious strategic vision, we must extend and intensify our call for imaginative, innovative, and collaborative people—for students, faculty, and staff who are eager to learn, practice, and teach transformative innovation.


  1. Enroll and support a diverse mix of increasingly creative, multi-talented students who are attracted to RIT’s interdisciplinary, experiential, and collaborative educational model.
  2. Continue to diversify the undergraduate student population by gender, race, and nationality.
  3. Improve graduation rates across all demographics.

Faculty and Staff

  1. Continue to attract and retain world-class faculty committed to elevating RIT’s collective excellence in scholarship, teaching, and service.
  2. Continue to diversify the faculty and administration by gender, race, and nationality with an emphasis on increasing the number and percent of female faculty in STEM fields and AALANA faculty in all fields.
  3. Hire, promote, and retain an increasingly diverse and outstanding staff in numbers that are commensurate with the size of the faculty and student body.


  1. Design and implement RIT for Life, a campus-wide culture that embraces all alumni as full members of the RIT community through providing opportunities for networking, lifelong learning, career and personal development, and engagement with RIT students and programs.