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Fitness Center

Wellness Education Courses

The Wellness Education department offers courses in 9 disciplines with close to 200 classes offered each semester.

Students are required to successfully complete two wellness courses before they graduate, but there is no limit to the number of classes students can take during their RIT career. Fun Fact: One student took 38 wellness classes during her 5 years, with dodgeball being her favorite.

A nominal fee of $105 is charged for most classes. Please check the notes section in SIS to determine the exact course fee because off campus classes and higher level instructional classes may carry a higher fee.

RIT supports the wellness of all students and therefore, provides funding for 2 classes for undergraduate students, up to $210. At the end of Add/Drop, student financial account through Student Financial Services will drop the charge of those registered classes. If students have questions about this process or do not see the fee removed, they will need to contact Student Financial Services directly. The Wellness Education staff does not have access to student billing.

Registration, add/drop and withdraw dates coincide with the dates determined by the Office of the Registrar.

Courses offered by the Better Me Employee Health and Wellness Program are for faculty/staff only. Students cannot enroll in these classes or get wellness credit.

To view course descriptions, please visit SIS and search for these subject areas:

  • Health and Wellness Courses (WHWS)
  • Dance Courses (WDAN)
  • Fitness Courses (WFIT)
  • Music Courses (WMUS)
  • Health and Life Support Courses (WHLS)
  • Recreation Courses (WREC)
  • Martial Arts Courses (WMAR)
  • Outdoor Education Courses (WINT)- please contact Tom Connelly at for information on the courses offered in this discipline.
How to enroll in a Wellness Education Course