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Wellness: Policies & Procedures

Add/Drop Procedures Accordion

Wellness Courses follow the same add/drop schedule as academic classes. If a student has an unusual circumstance that requires an add/drop after the determined deadline, they can complete the Add/Drop/Audit Form.

Audit Procedures Accordion

Students wishing to receive an audit grade in a wellness course can do so at the time of registration on SIS. Courses taken for "audit" carry no credit and do not apply toward graduation requirements, satisfy prerequisites or count toward determining enrollment status. Generally, students who enroll as an "audit" wish to participate in the class primarily for the activity benefits, rather than for credit. Registration for an audit must be done using SIS during the first 7 days of each quarter, Monday-Sunday. No audits can be processed after the Add/ Drop period. Classes that are audited carry the same course fee as courses taken for credit.

Class-Related Injuries Accordion

All injuries that occur in Wellness classes must be reported to the instructor regardless of how minor they may appear. An Incident Report will be completed at the time of the injury. If emergency medical treatment is required, the instructor will contact RIT Public Safety. Medical expenses resulting from class injuries must be covered by the Institute's student health insurance or the student's private health plan. No expenses are covered by Wellness Education.

Credit by Experience Accordion

Retroactive wellness credit may be granted for certain national certifications, such as the American Red Cross Adult CPR/AED certification.

Example Credit by Experience Process

  • Log into American Red Cross
  • Click on Class: ONLINE Adult First Aid/CPR/AED
    • Online Class ID a6R0V0000015FV3 ($30)
    • Complete the course
  • OR log in to print certification card
  • Send your completed certificate to your Academic Advisor
  • Academic Advisor completes the Wellness Waiver (found in the restricted forms section at the Office of the Registrar.
  • Form is electronically sent to Michelle Schrouder, Director, Wellness Education
  • This form will be electronically signed and returned to the Academic Advisor
  • Advisor sends form to the Office of the Registrar.
  • Student should be copied in
  • Waiver will appear on transcript.

Grading Policies Accordion

Wellness courses are non-credit bearing course required to meet the RIT graduation requirement.

Incomplete Grade Accordion

Please reference the University Policy D05.0 Grades for the most updated information.

Interpreting Support Accordion

Department of Access Services (DAS) provides interpreting, notetaking, and real-time captioning services to the RIT community.