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Vision & Mission

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To develop RIT students to become global citizens and leaders who actively engage in opportunities to solve challenging problems.

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We prepare RIT students to exercise leadership as members of a rapidly changing global community.


Strategic Goals

  • We build and maintain meaningful connections between the RIT campus and the surrounding community.
  • We equip students with the knowledge, awareness, and skills they need to positively impact communities and organizaitons to which they belong or affiliate.
  • We cultivate students' awareness of and engagement with complex local, national, and global issues.
  • We work to eliminate food insecurity on RIT's campus.

2026 Strategic Plan


Kathryn Cilano

Kathryn Cilano

Assistant Director for Civic Engagement | 585-475-7243

A619 Campus Center  

Sri Kartik

Sri Kartik

Assistant Director | 585-475-6053

Campus Center  

Alex Tubridy

Alex Tubridy

Civic Engagement Coordinator | 585-475-6056

A-613 Campus Center  

Sarah Mancuso

Sarah Mancuso

Senior Staff Specialist | 585-475-6974

A615 Campus Center  

Courtney Barber

Graduate Assistant for FoodShare Operations


Mackenzie DeRider

Graduate Assistant for Leadership


Kaltrine Miftari

Graduate Assistant for Leadership Programs and Collaborations


Asja Sardelic

Graduate Assistant for Civic Engagement


Maddie Soufleris

FoodShare Coordinator


Ryan Brown

Leadership Scholar: Alternative Break


Oluwamumiyo (Mumiyo) Makindipe

Leadership Scholar: Leadership Retreat


Sinclaire Ogof

Leadership Scholar: Into the ROC


Antara Rahman

Leadership Scholar: Momentum I


Evan Shelton

Leadership Scholar: ROAR the Vote


Sarina Alexander

Graphic Designer


Gabriella Mancuso

Graphic Designer


Jamison Friauf

Service Data Analyst


Eric Karschner

FoodShare Data Analyst


Paige Drumm

Undergraduate Assistant


Jay Hemby

Undergraduate Assistant


Lee Smith

Undergraduate Assistant


Mackenzie DeRider

Graduate Assistant