momentum is multi-level experiential leadership development program designed to introduce you to  challenges impacting communities around the world and to equip you with the skills, competencies, and confidence you need to actively engage in efforts to address those challenges.

R I T student volunteers celebrating after packaging 20,000 meals.
Two R I T students picking weeds.

momentum I - Start here

In this six-week long program, you will learn about your personal strengths, reflect on how your strengths influence your work in teams, and then use those strengths to lead a major on-campus service project. Collaboration and effective communication are the core competencies that you should expect to develop through their active and engaged participation in momentum I.

Several R I T students holding a rope.

momentum II

If you have completed momentum I and/or have participated in other leadership programs offered by the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement or other campus departments, you are now ready for momentum II. This semester-long program is offered in collaboration with RIT Sustainability and introduces you to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations. Participants learn about the SDGs (knowledge acquisition), how they are connected (systems thinking), interact with local leaders and organizations actively engaged in working at the intersections of the goals (networking), and reflect on their leadership abilities and how their individual strengths can support or enhance the work being done (leadership development).

Two R I T students working on house frames.

momentum III

If you have completed momentum II, you now have the opportunity to participate in momentum III. This semester-long experience challenges teams of students to collaborate with local non-profit organizations in order to provide, and in some cases implement, relevant solutions designed to increase the organizations' capacity to fulfill its primary mission. Students who participate in momentum III will receive advanced training in project management, conflict resolution, and consulting.

Student Leadership Opportunities

Become a Leadership Scholar to support the growth and development of momentum alongside Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement staff members.

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A group of R I T students helping frame a house for Habitat for Humanity.

Media and Testimonials

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