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The Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program gives students the opportunity to engage in direct service in collaboration with communities around the world. Students who participate spend 5-7 days, during spring break, learning about critical challenges facing communities, interacting with local leaders, and performing short-term projects with community agencies. Students selected to participate are eligible to enroll in CMDS 300 Community Develoment, Alt. Spring Break course (3 credit hours) offered in partnership with the School of Individualized Study

Spring 2019 Locations

Charleston, SC: We are partnering with Metanoia - an asset-based community development corporation located in North Charleston. Students will engage topics like affordable housing, youth leadership and economic development in this program. Cost: $525 inclusive of transporation, lodging, and food.

Destin, FL: We are partnering with Community Collaborations International on this ecosystem restoration trip. Students will participate in the Gulf Coast Project and work to restore the gulf coast shoreline and improve wildlife habitats.  Cost: $525 inclusive of transporation, lodging, and food.

Miami, FL: We are partnering with Guitars over Guns - a nonprofit that supports youth in the community through music education and mentorship. Cost: $600 inclusive of transportation, lodging, and food.

Puerto Rico: On this disaster relief trip, we are partnering with Community Collaborations International to support communities impacted by Hurricane Maria in 2017.Cost: $1000 inclusive of transportaiton, lodging, and food. 

Funding Support

The CLCE is able to provide financial assistance to students with demonstrated need (as determined by Financial Aid) because of the generous support of donors. Depending on a student's level of need, this financial support can cover up to half the advertised cost of the trip.  Students who are interested in receiving financial assistance should indicate as much on their application to the program.

Additionally, the CLCE sponsors a crowdfunding program each Spring to help students raise money to cover some or all of the program costs. 

Leadership Opportunities

Become a Leadership Scholar and work alongside staff in CLCE to plan and organize ASB!

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