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The Alternative Break (AB) program gives students the opportunity to engage in direct service in collaboration with communities around the world. Students who participate spend 5-9 days learning about critical challenges facing communities, interacting with local leaders, and performing short-term projects with community agencies. Students selected to participate in the Spring program are eligible to enroll in CMDS 300 Community Development, Alt. Break course (3 credit hours) offered in partnership with the School of Individualized Study

Spring 2021 Hyper Local Trips

  • Program Dates: March 5th - March 7th
  • Cost: $50/Student 

AB 2021 Trip Themes: 

Food Justice and Accountability: Exploring the accessibility of food and how it is distributed in the Rochester community.

Safe & Equitable Housing: Exploring Rochester's history with housing inequalities, and the work of local organizations to provide safe and affordable housing for its residents.

Environmental Preservation: Working alongside organizations that preserve public lands, create policy, and advocate for a more sustainable city. 

Sustainable Community Development: Connecting students with regional organizations that mobilize community members to action through job readiness, community organizing, and capacity building.

Education & Youth Development: Exploring local organizations that work specifically with Rochester's youth through education and mentoring. 


Leadership Opportunities

Become a Leadership Scholar and work alongside staff in CLCE to plan and organize AB!

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