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Leadership RITreat

In this one-day event, students are introduced to leadership concepts through fun and engaging activities!

Leader to Leader: Making Connections Count

In today's competitive job market, employers are looking for candidates that are not only competent in their area of study, but also hold a variety of other skills. In this virtual series,  students will interact with RIT alumni and young professionals in order to understand their transitions from students to professionals: the skills they needed in order to achieve success and how they started developing those skills at RIT.

Offered in collaboration with the Office of Career Services and Co-Op.

Previous Panelists:

  • Jake Bryniarski: With a background in Corporate Finance and Accounting, Jake provides strategic advising to startup companies within the Healthcare sector...(read more)
  • Andrea (Shaver) Carpenter: An RIT alumnus, Andrea is a Digital Art Director + UX Designer at an advertising agency...(read more)
  • Dina Johnson: Dina is the founder and CEO/President of the Monroe County Family Coaltion and Director of Care and Support at the Alzheimer's Association...(read more)
  • Emily Knaul: An RIT alumnus, Emily is a process engineer at Bausch and Lomb...(read more)
  • Jenna Mausolf: An RIT alumnus, Jenna is a safety and risk management consultant with a major firm... (read more)
  • Bobby Moakley: An RIT alumnus, Bobby works at RIT and serves as a representative on RIT's Alumni Association Board...(read more)
  • Dr. Nipa Mody: With a background in chemical engineering, Nipa is an R&D manager at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics...(read more)
  • Orlando Ortiz: An RIT alumnus, Orlando works as a manufacturing manager at The Gleason Works in Rochester...(read more)
  • Kevin Sheldon: An RIT alumnus and VP of the RIT Alumni Association Board, Kevin is COO of a healthcare analytics company... (read more)
  • Christopher Tarantino: An RIT alumnus, Christopher is an entrepreneur who currently manages three separate businesses... (read more)
  • Kayla Wheaton: A Tech Campus Recruiter at Liberty Mutual Insurance, Kayla is responsible for recruiting entry-level and intern tech talent... (read more)