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If you are a transfer student, you are part of a unique and diverse group and we are thrilled that you have chosen to continue your educational journey at RIT. Our Orientation program is optional, however, it is in your best interest to get involved and learn all you can about RIT’s resources and services and make connections with other students. Not to mention, the Orientation Fee is mandatory whether you attend Orientation or not.

Transfer students who participate in Orientation have two different tracks to choose from. Registration is required for both tracks and students can register HERE. You may also register on-site. 

Track One - August 20th thru August 25th

All-access pass to the Transfer Orientation program, which is five days of events, activities, and sessions that will give you a thorough overview of RIT resources and services, interest sessions, opportunities to connect with students in your small group, fun evening entertainment, and much more. Students in this track will be placed in a small group with a trained Orientation Leader (OL). Your OL, an upper-class transfer student, will be an invaluable asset as you get acclimated to campus and prepare for the academic year. This person will be your guide during Orientation and your main point of contact for all questions and curiosities. This track may appeal to students who want a comprehensive, community-oriented experience, sufficient involvement with other new students, and small group activities.

Track Two - August 22nd

Do you just want to meet with your academic college and learn more about your academic program? Not interested in group activities and Orientation events? This track is for you. Includes overview and introduction to your academic college and program.