Global Union President and Vice-President

Sadman Islam, Kimberly Perez, and Tobi Fadipe

Sadman Islam/Kimberly Perez/Tobi Fadipe



Sadman Islam (President)

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Hey everyone! My name is Sadman Islam and I am a third-year software engineering student. I grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a resident advisor and have been involved with various diverse clubs and organizations on campus since my freshman year. I enjoy traveling, exploring new places, and meeting new people. I have been the Director of Finance for Global Union for two consecutive years. This year, I am excited to become the President of Global Union and continue to serve the purpose of the organization. I look forward to advocating for our international and diverse student population, supporting other student clubs, and promoting cultural awareness at RIT.

Kimberly Perez (VP)

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hi all! I'm Kim and I'm a 5th-year Chemical Engineering student, originally from Passaic, New Jersey. During my time at RIT, I've been a Resident Advisor and Tutor for HEOP. I've always had a passion for helping others and finding ways to support the environment. I've also been a part of the Global Union, Net Impact, and Society of Women's Engineering. I enjoy playing soccer and hiking in my free time. I desire to continue promoting cultural diversity and being an advocate for RIT students. Always happy to help!

Tobi Fadipe (Treasurer)

Pronouns: He/Him/His

I’m a 2nd-year Psychology student originally from Lagos, Nigeria. I am the current Community Manager of Global Union as well as holding a position as a Recreation Attendant at the Hale-Andrews Student Life Center. I really enjoy my “jobs” because they do not really feel like jobs most of the time but more like opportunities to get to know people as well as enjoy the company of the people I work with. I am a big sports fan with my favorite being soccer as I both watch and play it but I also enjoy watching basketball and football. Being an international student, I feel I have a responsibility to those like me as well as to connect with them.


As we approach the upcoming election for Global Union, I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of President along with my Vice-President, Kimberly Perez, and Treasurer, Tobi Fadipe. We believe we have the experience, passion, and vision to lead Global Union toward a brighter future.

If elected, we will work vigorously to ensure Global Union remains a welcoming and inclusive space for all students, regardless of their background or nationality. We will prioritize the following initiatives:

Advocacy and activism - Global Union being one of the RSOs has an important role to play in advocating for policies and practices that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus. We will work with the executive committee to identify key issues affecting our international and diverse student population and develop strategies for addressing them.

Empowering members - We believe that every member of the Global Union has something valuable to contribute and their concern is of the utmost importance to us. If elected, we will work to empower members by listening to their concerns and representing them on platforms where these concerns can be addressed. We will encourage them to voice their concerns and take on leadership roles where they can make a difference.

Strengthening our partnerships - Global Union has already established strong partnerships with its affiliates and other organizations on campus. If elected, we will work to further strengthen these partnerships and collaborate on events and initiatives that promote intercultural understanding.

As the leadership team of Global Union, we will be accessible, approachable, and responsive to the needs of our members. We will listen to your ideas and concerns and work to incorporate them into our club's initiatives and events.

We are excited about the opportunity to serve as the leadership team of Global Union and look forward to the election process. Thank you for your consideration.