Outspoken President and Vice President

Daniel Amburgey and Rosaline Flowers

Daniel Amburgey/Rosaline Flowers


Daniel Amburgey (President)

Pronouns: He/Him/His

My name is Daniel Amburgey. I am a second-year chemistry major from Cincinnati, Ohio. In my free time, I enjoy sewing, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and hanging out with friends. I am very passionate about advocating for the rights and inclusion of queer students on campus and would love to do so through Outspoken.

Rosaline Flowers (VP)

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hello! My name is Rosaline Flowers, and I’m campaigning for Outreach’s Vice President seat. I’m a first year student studying Computer Science in and am in the Accelerated BS/MS program for my Masters in Software Engineering as well. I come from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, which is a quiet little town nestled in the western half of the state. RIT and Rochester have been a bustling change of pace for me, but I’ve felt at home here ever since I’ve arrived. Outside of my academics, I enjoy writing, cooking, styling outfits, playing games like Pokemon and Elden Ring, and just trying new things. I’m a proud member of the queer community, being trans, pan, and poly. It’s a set of identities I wear with pride, and I unwaveringly believe that everyone should live in an environment where they feel just as compelled to express themselves openly as I am.


We would like to host more events like the Trans Pride Parade that was held this year to improve our sense of community. This would also help us gain more exposure for Outspoken so students know what resources are available to them and that they have someone to bring their concerns to. We would also work to promote Outspoken’s affiliate clubs to help both current students and potential incoming students know what clubs we have.
Second, we would like to work to increase the variety of gender-affirming resources available for trans and nonbinary students on campus as well as providing students with information on how to safely and properly use them.
Finally, our highest priority will always be concerns that are brought to us by our constituents.