President and VP Candidates

Alex Shuron and Sophia Pries

Alex Shuron & Sophia Pries


Alex Shuron (President)

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Hey everyone! My name is Alex Shuron and I’m a 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering major. I’m currently the President of Sigma Chi and Director of Operations for Student Government, but I’ve also been involved with other organizations like IFC, HEMA, and EVT. I’m usually all over campus trying to find new tunnels or meet new people. If you see me around, feel free to stop me and say hi!

Sophia Pries (VP)

pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hi there! My name’s Sophia Pries! I’m a third year New Media Design major with a minor in Marketing, and I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You might've seen me working with New Student Orientation as a Supervisor, as a part of Zeta Tau Alpha, or just out and about chatting with people around campus! I've been told I’m high energy, and I love talking to and meeting new people more than anything, so don’t be afraid to reach out if you ever want to chat!


Student Wellness: Working with CaPS on initiatives such as online scheduling, a simpler website for students to navigate, and having the institute focus on these goals as they conduct internal audits through trying to partner with companies like The JED Foundation to better evaluate how we can improve the well being of students. Also working with Faculty Senate and University Council to encourage faculty and staff to undergo Mental Health First Aid Training, Suicide Prevention Training, and other wellness training developed by RIT. Student Advocacy: For new students, creating a First Year Senate would be a way to bring people into the administration without elections and learn how to effectively work in the student advocacy process. Having additions like adding committee branding on Kathy Hall, adding minutes from committees and Senate to our website for those who can’t attend, and working on more in-person outreach for SG can be just the beginning. Alongside that, hosting a PawPrints fair to allow students to petition for their causes in person and invite RIT faculty and staff to hear directly from the students what change people are passionate about on campus. Academics: Working with academics we’d like to post cumulative survey scores in SIS to allow students to better gauge classes and professors.. Additionally adding a survey for advisor experience can help students who may be suffering in their academic planning or with communication barriers. Alongside this, working with the university to push the add/drop period can allow students more time who are changing between programs. Accessibility: Continuing initiatives such as working to provide menstrual products and disposal areas for students that need it is important. Also, increasing the on campus employment events for majors outside of what is currently offered is important to help students with employment after graduation. Also, working to provide more interpreters or other accessibility services present for student organizations with no Deaf/HOH members for events is an important step to work in making events more accessible. Campus Pride: We already have Into The Roc for connecting with the city, but Henrietta has lots of local businesses. Working with local businesses to develop a student discount program, we’d hope to promote students interacting with the local community around RITs main campus. In addition, reworking RIT 365 to tailor the course more about what being a student at RIT is about as opposed to just a college student.