CAD Senator

Anaanya Poddar

‚ÄčAnaanya Poddar


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Greetings, my name is Anaanya Poddar and I want to represent CAD in the student government. I am a second-year Industrial Design student from New Delhi, India, passionate about art and design. I've dabbled in graphic design, architecture, photography, and UX/UI, even holding my own exhibition. Currently, in CAD, I have been working as a classroom assistant (CA) for the 2D Design courses for the past two semesters. I also will serve as Secretary for the Thought At Work (TAW) club where I get to be involved in planning a design conference and multiple design events throughout the semester.


As your potential CAD Senator, my vision for our college would centered on four key pillars: Firstly, I am dedicated to advancing the initiative established to increase art and cultural exploration for students. Along with cultural excursions like the First Friday Bus, let's bring more events, exhibitions, and workshops to our campus during the time students are not in classes and can easily attend, igniting our passion for art and design. Secondly, with a lack of a craft store on campus now, I recognize the importance of accessibility to art and photo supplies for every student. No artist should feel hindered by limited access to tools. I will explore possible innovative solutions, such as providing monthly shuttle services to art and photo stores, ensuring that all students have equitable access to the resources they need to realize their creative visions. Thirdly, I am committed to amplifying the visibility of student work on university platforms outside of just CAD. Our talents deserve recognition and celebration. By showcasing our collective brilliance to the world, we can elevate the reputation of our art and design college and inspire future generations of CAD students. Fourthly, I am passionate about fostering inter-CAD collaborations and expanding professional opportunities for our students. By bringing together students from diverse disciplines and connecting them with industry leaders, we can push the boundaries of creativity and pave the way for successful careers. I want to be able to expand on Creative Industry Day to be able to provide you with actual helpful career pathways and advice. Additionally, I believe in the power of student representation and feedback. Your voice matters, and I will be a tireless advocate for ensuring that every CAD student feels heard and represented within the student government. Let's create more accessible platforms for CAD students to voice their concerns, ideas, and aspirations, shaping the future of our college together. With your support, we can work towards realizing this vision. Thank you for considering my candidacy!