GCCIS Senator

Avan Peltier

Avan Peltier



Greetings, I’m a 3rd-year Computer Science major. During the past few years, I’ve kept myself busy working around and in GCCIS growing my skillsets, and participating in clubs and organizations to advance their interests. As a member of Computer Science House, I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with and lead some of the brilliant people in our college. I’ve served as the House Improvements Director for the past year and a half, and have advocated for and executed physical additions and changes around the floor. Beyond that, I’ve enjoyed getting down and around dancing with the Brick City Boppers RIT’s premier swing dance club where I currently serve as their treasurer helping to plan significant group events and preserve the financial health of the club. With what extra time I have left, I spend it progressing my skills through work on personal projects, and spending as much time as I can on almost every outdoor hobby under the sun.


Representing the interests of the student body is the chief and foremost responsibility of the GCCIS senator, in my eyes. Under this premise, I chiefly wish to hone in on three primary objectives associated with this purpose: the betterment of student mental health, the support of college-related clubs and organizations, and fostering of a sense of community within the college.

Mental health is tragically the biggest struggle many Computing majors face while attending RIT. Our work hours are grueling, starting early in the morning and expanding late into the night oftentimes doing so on large mentally draining projects and activities. While realistically, I could never shift the curriculum and work to make this a thing of the past, I can do my best to advocate for the well-being of students by encouraging expanding deadline times, communicating the health needs of students to professors and faculty, and advocating for fun activities within the college that give students the opportunity for a well-deserved break, and a chance for students to meet and grow their network of peers.

GCCIS is built on the back of the wonderful clubs and organizations that provide students with opportunities to further their education and career outside of the classroom and to enhance their community of friendships with fellow students. These organizations are what make the GCCIS experience for most students, and as such by giving them the resources, and opportunities they need we can empower them to provide an even better community for all students present, and in the future.

At the end of the day, if elected, I’ll be representing you. As such I want to contribute to a greater sense of transparency and involvement from the Student Government. Aside from my required office hours and newsletters, I want to be a friendly face that can immediately be recognized in our college. I want to be someone you can ask about student government, programming, or just my opinion about the weather that day. I intend to represent every student under my constituency regardless of background or immutable characteristics and hope to promote a confident diversity of personality, perception, and person within our college.

If elected, I will work hard to improve the student experience and represent your interests. Thank you for considering my candidacy.