Greek Senator

Denna Alece Dom

Denna Alece Dom


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hello Greek Life Tigers! My name is Denna and I am a third year Film & Animation major specializing in 2D Animation here at RIT, traveling far from my home state of California. I am a sister of the Delta Phi Epsilon chapter here, and I’m very excited to be running for the position of Greek Senator.
During my time in DPhiE, I have held the positions of External Relations, College Panhellenic Council Senior Delegate, and Public Relations/Social Media. All of these positions have made me fall more in love with the Greek Community, and made me extremely passionate about creating a healthy, happy, and communicative environment for our community.
In my free time I like to hang out with my cat Soup, watch horror movies & tv, take naps, and invest time into my illustrations and character designs for Magic Spell Studios.


As Greek Senator, I want to be a cheerleader for the unity of all three councils that exist within RIT’s Fraternity and Sorority Life Community. I always take pride and joy in trying to get to know someone in every organization that exists on RIT campus, and I think a lot of organizations feel a bit distant from one another, or distant from the RIT Community overall. I pride myself on being someone that has quick communication and fast response time, and I would love to return Greek Senator to a position of being someone anyone can come to with a question and I will either answer it, or get you to the correct contact. As Greek Senator, I would love to also facilitate educational opportunities for the Greek Community to learn more about the organizations that exist within RIT’s Fraternity and Sorority Life. I want everyone to have the opportunity to become more educated on the chapters that exist right alongside us, present more contacts for communications within one another to begin, and help our community overall be more confident to reach out to one another for social opportunities and philanthropic collaboration. A great way to start this plan would be through the Greek Senator email, with emails often being brushed over as repeated information, I would love for every email to have an infographic on a chapter on RIT campus, switching between IFC, CPC, and MGC, along with a given and current contact for both social opportunities and philanthropic collaborative opportunities to be written to.
I want to be an advocate for all organizations to feel at home on campus, whether or not your organization has a physical house or space. I want every organization to feel like they can present themselves and have something on campus they can point at and feel like they are home at RIT. I want to be someone where if someone has any questions or concerns about any facet of Greek Life, whether it be your housing, your flag being changed, your budget for next semester, or just any overall concern or random question you may have, I can be that person you come to for a quick and researched response.
I hope to be a Greek Senator you can count on in situations, trust with helping your chapter, and look forward to working with!