ACA President and Vice President

Guerline Guerrier & Jaharie Waterman-Jordan

Guerline & Jaharie


Guerline Guerrier (President)

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hey y’all, my name is Guerline Guerrier! I am a third-year Biomedical Sciences student in the College of Health Sciences and Technology from Queens, New York. In addition to my academic background, I am a first-generation college student with both of my parents being Haitian immigrants. In my time at RIT, I have served as the vice president of Unity House, President of the Black Awareness Coordinating Committee, and founding member of the Student Alumni Alliance. Do I look familiar? You may have seen my face floating around campus or even in Grand Central Station for an RIT campaign MWAHAHA. As president of the ALANA Collegiate Association (ACA), I hope to work with my vice president Jaharie Waterman-Jordan to establish a FIRM environment. We want to establish practices that last well into the future and continue to flourish regardless of changes brought to RIT further down the line. Jaharie and I have been very excited to run for ACA. We’ve been planning since our freshman year so just know that with us you’re in good hands. Isn’t that right Jaharie?

Jaharie Waterman-Jordan (VP)

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Thank you for that introduction Guerline!

Hey there, I'm Jaharie Waterman-Jordan, a third-year student studying Robotics and Manufacturing Engineering Technology, originally from Brooklyn, New York. During my time at RIT, I've been involved in various leadership roles. I’ve been the freshman representative for the Black Awareness Coordinating Committee (BACC), the public communications director for BACC, and served as Secretary of the ALANA Collegiate Association (ACA). Currently, I hold the position of Director of Marketing for ACA. Beyond the formal stuff, I find joy in cracking jokes and immersing myself in music creation and appreciation. Speaking of which, here's a little humor for you: Are you all alRIGHT? No? Well, you're all left! (IYKYK). All jokes aside, we’re passionate about contributing to the success of ACA, aiming to establish a solid foundation for future years. Our goal as president and vice president is to ensure ACA flourishes long after our time here. Let's lay down a FIRM foundation that paves the way for endless possibilities and growth.


We want to be a FIRM Foundation for all of our affiliates. They do the work we just guide, support, and advocate for them. 

F-Freshmen Involvement 

      ○ Grow Freshmen Involvement 

                ■ Implementing a mentorship program that gets the younger students involved. Take at least one ambassador (freshmen representative) from each organization and involve them in a freshman group. 

                ■ Implementing an event coordinator focused on incorporating freshmen ideas and fostering connections among freshmen 

                ■ Having a Freshmen Rep 101 Interview for different students who are interested in joining our affiliate organizations. 


     ○ Overall Uplifting of the ALANA Community 

               ■ Replacing things such as Wake Up Wednesday, which is used to uplift the community with more tailored events that still uplift the community but have an emphasis on the different aspects of ALANA. 

                         ● Introducing ALANA Wednesdays in which a different letter from the ALANA acronym is highlighted once a month. For example, during AAPI month we can table with ACS and have Asian-influenced snacks at the table while promoting different Asian organizations on campus. 


     ○ Refocusing Affiliates Voices in ACA and Making Sure They Are Heard 

               ■ Refocusing time made for ULCs and making it into a Round Table in which all affiliate groups can attend to voice any thoughts or concerns. Provides the “bonding” aspect of ULC while also making the best use of the time monthly. At the beginning of each semester, all of the materials that would be talked about in ULC would be talked about at the beginning of the semester retreat. Instead have council meetings to tackle issues about how to go forward similar to student advisory boards for colleges. 

              ■ Having an open door policy for the ACA office during office hours. Thus allowing ALANA students to feel comfortable entering the office and being in the vicinity. Hopefully, this will promote a safe space and family-like area that students on campus have been looking for. 

M-Maximizing Resources

     ○ Optimizing What ACA Has to Offer Ensuring Everyone Gets Fair Assistance 

              ■ ACA has so much to offer and being that we are an RSO under Student government, we have access to things many of our affiliates don’t. We can maximize our resources by honing in on what we can offer and truly support the affiliates by getting those resources to them 

              ■ Ensure that the CampusGroups store has every resource out there (From ACA) and make sure that the affiliates know what’s out there for them.