COLA Senator

Kaitlyn Catalano

                                          kaitlyn catalano



Pronouns: They/She

Hi friends! My name is Kaitlyn, but most people on campus call me Kait. I am a cross-registered Psychology (clinical/bio/developmental tracks) and Sociology/Anthropology major. I am from a small town outside of Chicago, and I won’t say which one, because you will not even know where I’m talking about. I was raised in a hearing family and was diagnosed with hearing loss at age 13. I began signing at age 10! For fun, I cook, bake, crochet, and play with my one-eyed cat, Cowboy! <3


I began school during COVID, and noticed the decline of the Liberal Arts building. Not only this, but the setup, and the accessibility of the classrooms, bathrooms, and overall building is lacking. As COLA senator, access is my number one priority. We have the capability to make change in our access of our building, create and continue a community of COLA students, as well as the expansion of our programs. I would be interested in also working with our COLA master’s students to reinstitute more master’s opportunities for prospective graduate students as I see more and more programs falling through the cracks. Our college has many students who use research as their co-op , and there are less and less opportunities for us, and that is something I would like to tackle, or at least set forward for the next senator. COLA is an integral part of our society, regardless that we go to a technical institute.