NTID Senator

Mika Bremke

Mika Bremke


Pronouns: She/Her/They

I am Mika Bremke, I am apart of the deaf community and have been apart of the community since I was 11. I am fluent at sign. I am from Orlando, Florida, I chose RIT because of the inclusiveness, and diversity. I absolutely love cats, I have a cat named Louie in the dorm, she is 8 months old and she's the best thing to have happened to me! I also love to sign songs and hangout with friends. I really enjoy the beauty of nature as well, I enjoy taking long walks and connecting with nature one of the best ways to enjoy life.


I, Mika Bremke, came to RIT/NTID a few months ago. I came here for new experiences, hoping for a better life and future. I was excited to meet new people and explore the opportunities that I never got a chance to do. I didn’t have high expectations, but I did have hope for a bright and positive experience at RIT. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case when I showed up. It was during my first semester here that I ran into many, MANY, problems and negative experiences. I have witnessed things that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. There have been things going on that constantly knocks me back, even when I get back up trying to be positive. I know there are plenty of others who are feeling the same, afraid to speak up. But not me, I want my voice to be theirs. No more will I sit in silence and suffer, as I watch others suffer as well. I want to change my community, all and for the best. I want to be able to give it the support and love it needs, so that we can all grow and work as a society, a positive society. I want to set up a Men’s Mental Health Club, improve housing and transportation, better training for public safety. The reason why I said ‘Men’s Mental Health’ is because I've noticed that men seem to feel that because they are men that they shouldn’t seek help or talk about their feelings. That they shouldn’t be affected by anything, that talking about feelings is considered ‘weak’ or ‘unnecessary’. I want to set up events and meetings, discussing what we can do to improve our community even more. As a community and as a person, should be able to have someone to reach out to. No matter what time it is, what day it is, and regardless of the emergency. I also want to be able to provide better, and healthier, food options. Like starting a community garden, or being able to provide vegan options. When we are sad or depressed we tend to eat unhealthy food, and who am I to lie, it's delicious and very comforting. BUT, it’s not healthy. This actually starts eating habits to the point we eat our feelings. I want to tackle the mental health issues that seem to be increasing every day on campus. I want to be able to provide many opportunities for the students and the staff, so that no one has to feel alone. But so far I feel like I’m stuck, like no matter what I try to do, there's nothing I can do. My friend, Michael, who tragically took his own life. Even after the countless and countless times I have, and many others, have told him that we are therefore him. And for him to just slip through my fingers like water was like watching life being drained right in front of your very eyes. But that day, I told myself no more sitting in silence. If no one was there for him, then who will be there for us when we get to that point? I am tired of watching society change us to the worst persons we can possibly be. It’s time to fight back and change. No more shall we keep our feelings to ourselves. No more shall we sit in silence, letting our thoughts control us. That's why I, Mika Bremke, want to be NTID senator.