SCB Senator

Mike Hibbard

Mike Hibbard‚Äč


Hello! My name is Mike Hibbard, and I am a third year Management Information Systems major running for Saunders Representative. I am an enthusiastic leader looking to put my skills and experience towards a positive impact on student life by collaborating with representatives from other academic colleges to provide the best experience for Saunders students. As an active member within our community, I can authentically represent our ideas and concerns to bring about meaningful change within Student Government. Around campus you may see me supporting our various sports teams or even competing in intramural sports such as soccer, volleyball, or hockey. Outside of campus I enjoy meeting up with my friends and family to explore what Rochester has to offer such as attending a comedy show, trying to win a trivia competition, or taking part in a local festival such as the Fringe Fest. This is just a little bit about me, but I hope to have your vote in March!


As Saunders Senator, I aim to be an accessible resource and friendly face within our college. I would like to start a monthly lunch to chat with you and hear how you feel about Saunders. From these lunches I will communicate your thoughts to Saunders administration and other Student Government representatives. I would also like to increase transparency between students and administration so I would work with Saunders marketing to provide you with video updates on Instagram so you can see what is currently being worked on. In terms of student resources, I would also like to provide a physical space for clubs to post about their upcoming events. As students we are constantly sent emails about upcoming events and opportunities at RIT so it can be challenging to keep up with events which is why I believe providing a physical space for clubs and groups to advertise within Saunders would be beneficial. This space would also be great to highlight student resources such as the tutoring center and mentorship program. I would also like to focus on collaboration among our club by helping them collaborate not only with each other but with other academic clubs. I will accomplish this by leveraging the existing Saunders Executive board meeting to meet with club presidents to help them set up events that provide our students with a new experience outside of Saunders. Lastly, I would like to focus on the Saunders community by continuing the work done by the previous senators in improving the career fair for our students. I would like to hear what companies you would like to see at the career fair, and I will work with Saunders Administration to see if we can contact an alumnus at that company who might be able to assist in recruiting and providing co-op/full time opportunities. I would like to highlight the work you are doing within the classroom at Imagine RIT by encouraging professors to create exhibits that expand on course concepts and allow students to show the work done in their class or even highlight the work of an entire class. Overall, I aim to represent the ideas and concerts of Saunders to the best of my ability and be flexible in my role to be open to new ideas that you provide me with during my time in Student Government.