Vice President

Pronoun: He/Him/His
Year: 4th
Major: Environmental Science
Hometown: Mantua, OH

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I grew up in, and moved between, small towns in NE Ohio. I was involved in Boy Scouts all the way through Eagle, which fostered my love of nature. I have integrated my love of technology into my concentration in mapping with GIS and remote sensing. I also enjoy being able to connect with more people, which led me to my minor in ASL. I care about people and the planet, so in the long term I hope to work with companies, organizations, or local governments to research and solve the world’s problems. I was previously the Sustainability Chairperson for Student Government, and it was a rewarding experience for me to lead a group to enact positive change on campus. I have also been a learning assistant for multiple classes here, where I have gotten the chance to share my passions with other students. For fun, I‘m frequently exploring the world by hiking or traveling, being active by running, exploring ethics and spirituality, or cooking meals to share with people.