Director of Technology Services

Pronoun: She/Her/Hers
Year: 3rd
Major: Web and Mobile Computing
Hometown: Folsom, CA

Email me

My name is Regina and I'm the current Director of Technology Services. I was born in CO, raised in CA, and spend about a fifth of my life in Tokyo visiting relatives and friends. I'm fluent in English and Japanese and am currently studying French and ASL. I'm very involved on campus (I'm currently serving as a RA, SA, SJ, and on SG), and have also served on multiple E-Boards for various clubs throughout my year here. I like volunteering for things I'm passionate about such as holding tech workshops for a range of ages (from middle/high school students to senior citizens) to taking care of the campus garden. I'm a huge people-person and coffee person so please feel free to reach out!

Fun fact: I've been a barista, a bartender and am currently studying the art of tea ceremony