Global Union President and VP

Tobi Fadipe and Aniruddha Roy

Tobi & Aniruddha


Tobi Fadipe (President)

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Hello all! My name is Tobi Fadipe and I am the current Vice President of Global Union as well as holding a position as a Student Building Supervisor at the Hale-Andrews Student Life Center. I am aspiring to be the President for Global Union during the 2024-2025 academic year alongside Aniruddha (Ayon) Roy as my Vice President. I am a junior Psychology major with my interests currently being in Biopsychology and Cognitive Psychology, but I am also pursuing a minor in Global Public Health. Being an international student, I have a responsibility to myself as well as all those who have helped me get this far, both at college and before college. This shows both in my work in Global Union the past two years as well my involvement with global, international, and cultural clubs on campus such as the Organization of African Students, Caribbean Students Association, Global Public Health Association, and Unity House. I am a big sports fan with my favorite being soccer (football) as I both watch and play it, but I also enjoy watching basketball. Music is also a big part of me because it helps me stay connected to home when I am away and helps me learn about other people’s cultures.

Aniruddha Roy (VP)

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Hello everyone! My name is Aniruddha Roy, and I'm currently a sophomore at RIT, majoring in Computer Science. Originally from Bangladesh, I was immediately drawn to RIT Global Union (GU) upon my arrival. GU stood out as an organization that embodies a spirit of inclusivity and support for international students. I was so impressed by their vibe that I started attending all their events and even volunteered to help out.


Enhanced Support for International Students Establish a mentorship program pairing new international students with current students to ease their transition. Offer workshops on cultural adjustment, academic success, and career development for international students. Welcome Party with ISS International Student Teatime GU Town Hall Invite students to executive board meetings once a month to give them an opportunity to give us ideas and voice their opinions. Student Government Senate and Governance Representation As an RSO, Global Union is a voting member in SG Senate and Governance meetings. Diversity and Inclusion Organize diversity awareness workshops to educate students and celebrate the various cultures present within the student body. Unification - Collaborating with other diverse clubs and organizations Advocate for the inclusion of a wider range of campus wide events that reflect global perspectives and histories. Empowering Affiliate Partnerships Maintaining periodical contact with all affiliates by sending the monthly newsletter and welcoming them to the GU family. Provide general body members from our affiliate organizations with a chance to share their experiences with our community. Join affiliate organizations in their fundraising efforts. Collaborate with affiliate organizations on fundraising initiatives to support a shared cause. Collaborate with Affiliates to spread awareness of what they have to offer. Unification - Collaborating with other diverse clubs and organizations