Face coverings offered for RIT students on campus

Kyle Washburn, residence coordinator in the Center for Residence Life, delivers a face covering to Nuzhat Minhaz.

Rochester Institute of Technology wants to ensure all students on campus are staying as safe as possible by offering a free face covering made from new T-shirts left over from various campus events.

On April 12, New York’s governor issued an order for all people in the state to wear face masks when in public if they may not be in a position to socially distance to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

RIT’s Center for Residence Life and the university’s critical incident management team are using the design for the no-sew masks and following the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control. The coverings are made from 100 percent cotton because that is the most tightly woven but still breathable.

Students on campus in need of a mask should fill out the request form they received via email and the on-call staff for Residence Life will deliver one in a sealed bag.

“Requests are being fulfilled the same day as they are requested,” said Marykatherine Woodson, assistant director of the Center for Residence Life. “We want to ensure that everyone is being safe.”