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Our Process

origami gameEffective publications start out with a blank page, be it literal paper or the figurative page of a computer screen. Add images and text—vibrant color, stimulating concepts—and violá! Communications origami.

Each step in our multistep publications process is like a fold, made after deliberation and with precision to create a seamless, multidimensional messaging vehicle. Using this proven system of publications management, we can take your project from concept through delivery. Or, if you prefer, we can simply help you master any individual part of the process.

The process includes client input, branding/marketing strategy, production, review, implementation, and delivery. Want to know more about each step in the process? Read on.

Client Input

Right from the start we set up a meeting to discuss strategy, where you share the purpose of the project, key messages, the target audience, the desired results, and the presentation format (print or electronic, self-mailer versus envelope, etc.). We also discuss your budget, the quantity of print pieces, and preliminary deadlines.

At this point, you will be asked to complete and submit a Project Request Form (PRF), if you have not already done so. The PRF acts as a reference guide for you and University Publications. It covers the aforementioned particulars and more.

Branding/Marketing Strategy

Based on the communications objectives gathered at the client input meeting, we'll work with you to create a concept that effectively engages your audience. We'll look at the big picture, then devise a strategic plan of coordinated text and design that gets you the best results imaginable.


During this stage the framework of your project, basically a rough outline for text and graphics, is constructed. Writers and designers then work in sync to flesh out ideas until a tightly interwoven product emerges.


See your vision realized, and feel free to give us feedback. That's what this step is all about. We'll add whatever finishing touches are necessary until everyone says, "Ah, perfect!"


Now your project is good to the printer or web programmer, that is. Throughout this step we make sure that all required paperwork goes through without a hitch and deadlines are met. On-site quality assurance checks are a must, even when out-of-state vendors are used—proving once again that UPub is willing go the extra mile(s) for its clients.


Finally we reach the moment you've been waiting for, when the finished product arrives. UPub will contact you when your project has delivered and is ready to share with your intended audience.