Celebrating Filipino artists in Austin

Joi Conti ’11 (photographic illustration) celebrates Filipino artists and makers in her new magazine, TAYO NA.

To help draw attention to the thriving Filipino community in Austin, Texas, Joi Conti ’11 (photographic illustration) created a new magazine guide called TAYO NA: Austin Filipino Artists & Makers Guide in October 2023.

As a professional editorial and commercial photographer, Conti wanted to use her skills to promote other Filipino artisans and makers in Austin. She shared that promotional support like this can be invaluable, particularly for those who are still growing their businesses.

“I want people to know there is a vibrant Filipino community in Austin, and to make it easier for people to patron these awesome artists and makers,” said Conti. “The guide is really a way for me to feature my fellow Filipino artists and makers. I want them to succeed because that’s something that’s really close to my heart.”

Conti shared that her biggest takeaway from the project was the value of community connections. She said TAYO NA couldn’t have come together without leaning into and growing those connections.

“I met a soap maker named Emlyn and she was the one who opened up the door for me to meet more Filipino artists and makers, which really helped to get my mind going on this project,” said Conti. “And when I started contacting people for the magazine, they kept giving me names of other artists and makers who I could include and it grew from there.”

Conti anticipates publishing a second issue of TAYO NA in October 2024, and the first issue is currently available online and in print. The 2023 issue was created, in part, through funding from the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce. Conti and her team are currently seeking sponsorship for the second issue.

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