Faraday Lab

WISP is housed at a dedicated lab space in the 3rd floor of the Cybersecurity Hall for wireless experimentation research in cellular networks, spectrum sharing, Wi-Fi, and IoT security. It is an RF-shielded 230-square-feet lab space, named Faraday Lab accordingly, making it a safe space for experimentations without violating RF spectrum regulations, e.g., with regard to licensed bands. In addition, the lab is equipped with a digital screen, a GPS cable connected to a GPS antenna on the roof of the building, a cart for portable/low mobility experiments, desks and whiteboards for the researchers, and other computing recourses (e.g., laptops and desktop computers).

Some of the major hardware equipment currently available in this lab includes

  • A portable Faraday cage
  • Various software-defined radios
    • Four Ettus USRP B210s with GNSS antenna module
    • Two NI-USRP RIO 2944R 
    • Two Ettus N210 USRPs with UBX-40 boards and GNSS antenna module 
    • One NI-USRP 2922 
    • Several LimeSDR devices, and
  • Two Cohda Wireless equipment for V2V research 

plus RF cables and other accessories. The RIOs have 10 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range and 160 MHz simultaneous bandwidth while the LimeSDRs support 100 kHz to 3.8 MHz frequency range and 61 MHz simultaneous bandwidth.

For additional resources available at the Cybersecurity Hall, including the Collaborative Research Space for researchers affiliated with ESL GCI, please visit Cybersecurity Hall Facilities

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