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Cyber Range

RIT's Cyber Range and Training Center is capable of hosting more than 5,000 virtual machines simultaneously in immersive scenarios. Within this infrastructure, we are able to introduce threat intelligence systems in scale replicas of any massive, global business, with specific focus on healthcare, energy, and finance. The Cyber Range and Training Center provides alternative-reality instructional vignettes for cohorts of corporate leaders and IT security professionals to experiment and learn, facilitating research opportunities in the most critical of industries. 

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Eaton Cybersecurity SAFE Lab

The Eaton Security Assessment and Forensic Examination Lab will provide students with a living laboratory environment to gain experience in solving real-world problems for partner companies. RIT students will have access to paid, cooperative work experiences to apply the knowledge that they have acquired from coursework in penetration testing and forensics. The new facility will enable RIT to expand its capacity to work with corporate partners and provide more students with related experiential learning opportunities. The SAFE Lab is generously underwritten by the financial support of Eaton Corporation.

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Learning Experience Center

Cybersecurity Learning Experience Center is a place to showcase demonstrations and student research projects. Seasonal displays will provide in-depth learning experience for visitors with a wide range of knowledge about cybersecurity’s past, present, and future. Some exhibitions are designed to illustrate fundamental security principles with hands-on activities that will enhance learning for all ages while others will highlight current student projects in the field of cybersecurity.

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Airgap Lab and Server Room

The new Air Gap Lab will feature a network of computers that will be cut off from access to both the RIT network and the Internet to facilitate a wide variety of security exercises without risking harm to the broader community. In the server room, multiple sets of network devices and servers are installed for students to conduct blue, red, and white team exercises. The server room is adjacent to, but separated from, the Air Gap so as to provide a quiet lab environment for instruction.

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RITSEC Student Club Space

RIT’s student clubs are both avenues for award winning competitors and important opportunities for computing students to build community. This meeting and project space will be the hub of club activity.

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Computing Security Academic Department Suite

Home to the key academic leaders in cybersecurity, including department chair, graduate and undergraduate program directors, and academic student advisors, the suite is the center of all computing security academic programs.

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Network Security Lab

This lab is used to teach network security related courses including wireless security. It will be equipped with high performance state of art network devices such as routers and switches, and wireless communication devices.

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CyberCorps “Scholarship for Service” Student Space

A dedicated meeting and study space for students who are awarded this prestigious scholarship.

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Collaborative Research Space

Specialty Research Labs – Designed to further knowledge and practices in specific areas of computing security, each lab will include space for 12 Ph.D. students.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Security Lab
  • Security and Artificial Intelligence Lab (SAIL)
  • Software Mining and Integrity Lab Environment (SMILE)
  • Humans and Cybersecurity Lab (HAC Lab)
  • Networking and Emerging Technologies Security Lab (NETS Lab)
  • Third Floor Conference Rooms (2)