Global Collaborations

The Internet is a global space that breaks down borders in education, commerce, media, and discourse.

Unfortunately, this global nature also exposes governments, organizations, and individuals to cyber threats without borders. Interdisciplinary collaboration across countries is thus critical to combatting these threats and making the cyber space safer for everyone. ESL GCI aims at leading a coalition of international partners to collaborate on cybersecurity research, curriculum and pedagogy development, and experiential learning in culturally diverse environments. ESL GCI is currently partnering with Queen’s University Belfast (United Kingdom), Masaryk University (Czech Republic), Poznan University of Technology (Poland), TU Delft (Netherlands), National Taiwan University (Taiwan), National Chiao-Tung University (Taiwan), Gachon University (South Korea), and Mahindra Ecole Centrale (India).

Countries class of 2020 participated from

Ways to Collaborate

Scholarly Visits
Faculty and post-docs are welcomed to visit RIT and partner institutions through a variety of means. The visits may range from a few days to a year with a host professor in a home department and serve one or more purposes, including collaborative research, student supervision, professional development, curriculum development, and teaching. These visits often lead to long-term relations and collaborative projects between the visitors and host professors.

Joint Student Supervision
RIT faculty are encouraged to collaboratively supervise students to provide them with interdisciplinary and broader perspectives. Joint supervision of student research and peer mentoring beyond geographic boundaries offer immense opportunities for students to gain unprecedented experiences in treating real-world cybersecurity problems. Cybersecurity security solutions need to be usable through a culturally diverse understanding of malicious actors, common users, and cybersecurity professionals.

Joint Workshop and Summer Schools
RIT and its global partners are collaborating to create value-added student and faculty experiences through joint workshops and summer schools. ESL GCI, in collaboration with RIT Global , has established the Cybersecurity Visiting Student Research (CyberVSR) program. The program aims at providing undergraduate and graduate students in the United States and internationally to gain research experiences in the broad area of cybersecurity with RIT faculty and peers of complementary skillsets and experiences, while immersing in an inclusive and culturally enriched and diverse environment for personal and professional growth.

International Internships
Student learning experiences should never be bounded within the classroom and academic laboratories. ESL GCI and its global partners, research institutions or industry, are committed to create international internship opportunities where students can apply their expertise and skillset to real-world environments. Faculty may also leverage and explore opportunities with domestic and international partners for cybersecurity transition to practice.

Becoming A Global Collaborator

To learn more about partnership with the ESL Global Cybersecurity Institute, please contact Prof. S. Jay Yang, the Director of Global Outreach for ESL GCI.

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Department of Computer Engineering
Kate Gleason College of Engineering
Director of Research, ESL Global Cybersecurity Institute