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The RIT Cyber Range and Training Center delivers a unique training experience for corporate leaders and IT security professionals. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to create realistic threat scenarios on a scale that mirrors massive global businesses, with a focus on healthcare, energy, and finance.

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"Awesome Cyber training sessions that combine theory with practice...Justin is an excellent lecturer/coach and is always super helpful and willing to share thoughts. Besides, the interactive teaching style really helped us best learn the materials. Thanks for the exceptional work!"

 Xu Han, Associate Director, Analytical InnovationS&P Global logo

Cybersecurity is one of the most exciting and rapidly developing fields in computing, and cybersecurity professionals are more in demand than ever. estimates that there are approximately 1 million people employed in cybersecurity in the U.S. and over 500,000 open positions. RIT's Cybersecurity Bootcamp gives our learners the foundation to land a career in this rapidly growing industry. The program offers part-time (30 week) and full-time (15 week) remote options that best fit your schedule, and no IT experience is necessary. In the program's immersive environment, you'll participate in a simulation of working for a cybersecurity company, while learning from a curriculum informed by the explicit needs of hiring companies. Reboot your career by registering below.

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Advanced Team Training

Move beyond the tabletop exercise with a wide range of training opportunities for students and industry. The Cyber Range can generate the real world feel of responding to a cybersecurity crisis while offering unique training options for tech teams and senior company leadership. These options include:

Penetration Testing

Cloud Security Orchestration

Incident Response Training including Denial of Service and Ransomware attacks.

Threat Intelligence and Emulation

IoT Sensor Security for SCADA systems

Key Features & People

  • 30 x 5.5-foot video wall and integrated audio/visual from classrooms across the ESL GCI
  • Expansion building capacity to create and host simulated environments involving 5,000 virtual machines using our network-builder script libraries
  • Temperature, lighting, and sound controls to create immersive scenarios
  • User experience data collection (audio/visual) and technical logs for research purposes
  • Executive Box for VIP hosting and team breakout sessions
  • Shared resource for partner organizations and academic researchers to introduce and test new technologies and share best practices
  • Cybersecurity workforce development through individual and team-based training and evaluation for practitioners in industry/government
  • Curriculum enrichment as a lab environment for degree-seeking students 
  • World-class event hosting for cybersecurity competitions
  • Available for organizations to rent with A/V support: to rent the Range contact: Mellissa Woodhams


Cyber Range Creative Director: Cyber Risk & Resilience Education through Transmedia Storytelling: Creating Narrative Worlds, Employing Emerging Technologies, Exciting Global Audiences


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Senior Lecturer
Department of Cybersecurity
Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences


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Director of the GCI Cyber Range and Training Center
ESL Global Cybersecurity Institute
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Director of Esports and CyberSecurity Range (CSR)
Dean’s Office
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