Incident Response Best Practices

What Will We Learn?

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Learners will become familiar with: Common Incidents: Denial of Service, Ransomware, Intellectual Property Theft

Able to describe: Communications & Best Practices: Insurance, Internal, External Understand: Considerations for Playbook Adaptation and Design

Exposed to: Horizons of Incident Response: Data Integrity Compromise

Ready to: Evaluate Effectiveness of Incident Response Programs

Target audience: General (non-security) IT employees, non-IT professionals engaged in enterprise risk assessment and cyber business impact analysis, or security-related professionals seeking additional skills.

Format: Interactive lecture, discussion, and lab; conducted live in-person or online consisting of the following elements:

  • Pre-reading/handouts (approximately 10-15 pages)
  • Lecture, presentation, and instructor-mediated discussion
  • Breakout session with metacognitive exercise(s)
  • Consolidation from breakout leading to shared understanding
  • Session archival for future reference

Cost, time commitment, and participants

$8,000 per session

Time commitment
4 hours

Up to 30 participants included in session fee. Additional fees for room rentals/catering if conducted in-person at RIT, or travel expenses if at client location.


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ESL Global Cybersecurity Institute

Our state-of-the-art Cyber Range and Training Center, located at the ESL Global Cybersecurity Institute on RIT’s campus in Rochester, NY. It is capable of hosting more than 5,000 virtual machines simultaneously in immersive scenarios, enabling Executive Incident Response Training, Threat Intelligence and Emulation Training, and more.

Within this infrastructure, we are able to introduce threat intelligence systems in scale replicas of any massive, global business, with specific focus on healthcare, energy, and finance. The Cyber Range and Training Center provides alternate reality instructional vignettes for cohorts of corporate leaders and IT security professionals to experiment and learn, facilitating research opportunities in the most critical of industries.

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