Curriculum Forms

Faculty may download and submit the following forms to structure their curricula:

RIT Course Outline Form

Special Topics Request Form

Special Topics Cross Academic Unit Agreement

Honors Course Guide


Process for Approval of Honors Courses in the College of Science        


1)     All courses offered for Honors credit in the College of Science must be approved by the curriculum committee(s) of the offering School(s) and by the COS Curriculum Committee.

2)     The College of Science Curriculum Committee must approve all courses offered for Honors credit no later than one full Semester before they are offered.  This allows for sufficient time for scheduling and notification of honors students of the availability of the course.

3)     Guidelines for what constitutes an Honors course that will be used by the College of Science Curriculum Committee in granting approval can be found in the following document  In addition this document contains recommended class sizes and guidelines for non-honors students who wish to take the course if space is available.

4)     Faculty are asked to put those aspects of the course that they feel make the course an Honors course in bold in the submitted course outline.  After approval they will be marked with a capital H.

5)     After approval by the COS Curriculum Committee the COS Honors Course Proposal Form:, must be submitted to the Honors Advocate for the College of Science before the course can be scheduled.



Here is a list of words that may be used to articulate course learning objectives:

Appropriate Assessment Verbs