Kate Wright

Assistant Professor

Science and Mathematics Education Research Collaborative (SMERC)

Contact Information

OfficeGOS 1340
Phone(585) 475-4669

Mailing Address

Thomas H. Gosnell School of Life Sciences
College of Science
85 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY  14623

Job Responsibilities

Introduction to Biology
Cell Biology
Molecular Biology
Cancer Biology

Research Interests

Cognitive issues in student understanding of biological processes.
Research based tools for improving student understanding in cell and molecular biology.

Selected Publications

    • Wright, LK.  Building a Model of Tumorigenesis:  A small group activity for a Cancer Biology/Cell Biology course. (2015)  CourseSource.  Vol. 2, 1-6.


    • Wright, LK, Fisk, JN, Newman, DL.  DNA--> RNA: What do students think the arrow means? (2014) CBE Life Sciences Education. Vol. 13, 338–348. 
  • Dina L. Newman, Gary R. Skuse, Dawn Carter, F. Harvey Pough, and L. Kate Wright.  "Lessons Learned from the First Year Implementation of a Two-Track Reformed Introductory Biology Course." Proceedings of the National Associations of Biology Teachers Research Symposium. Ed. Teddie Phillipson-Mower. Atlanta, GA. 2013. http://www.nabt.org/websites/institution/index.php?p=83
  • Wright, LK, Zyto, S, Kargar, D, Newman, DL.  Online Reading Informs Classroom Instruction and Promotes Collaborative Learning (2013).  Journal of College Science Teaching.  Vol. 43, No. 2, 2013 44-53.
  • Michel, LV, Snyder, J, Schmidt, R, Milillo, J, Grimaldi, K, Khan, N, Sharma, S, Wright, LK, Pichichero, E. Dual Orientation of the Outer Membrane Lipoprotein P6 (2013).  Journal of Bacteriology. 195(14):3252
  • Wright, LK and Newman, DL. A PCR-based laboratory exercise that increases student understanding of Central Dogma concepts (2013).  Journal of Biology and Microbiology Education.  14(1): 93-100.
  • Newman, DL, Catavero C, and Wright, LK (2012). Students Fail to Transfer Knowledge of Chromosome Structure to Topics Pertaining to Cell Division. CBE Life Sciences Education. 11(4):425-36.
  • Gee, DJ, Wright, LK,  Zimmerman, J, Cole, K, Soule, K, Ubowski, M (2012). Dimethyl Sulfoxide Exposure Modulates HL-60 Cell Rolling Interactions. Bioscience Reports, 32:375-82.
  • Wright, LK and Newman, DL (2011). An Interactive Modeling Lesson Increases Student Understanding of Ploidy During Meiosis.  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, 39(5):344-51.
  • Newman DL, Wright LK, Sweet HC (2010).  A structured undergraduate research program that trains and prepares students for post-graduate education and scientific careers.  Proceedings of ICERI2010 Conference, p. 5010-5019.
  • Noelle K Polakos, Judith C Cornejo, Debbie A Murray, Kate O Wright, John J Treanor, I Nicholas Crispe, David J Topham, Robert H Pierce. (2006). Kupffer cell-dependent hepatitis occurs during influenza infection. American Journal of Pathology, 168(4):1057-9.
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  • Wright, K.O., Messing, E.M., Reeder, J.E.  (2002). Increased Expression of the Acid Sphingomyelinase-like Protein ASML3a in Bladder Tumors. Journal of Urology,168(6): 2645-9.