Mark D. Fairchild

Associate Dean of Research & Graduate Education; Director, Program of Color Science; Director, Munsell Color Science Laboratory; Professor

Mark D. Fairchild
The Color Curiosity Shop

Contact Information

OfficeGOS 1106
Phone(585) 475-2784


B.S./M.S., Imaging Science (née Photographic Science & Instrumentation)

Rochester Institute of Technology, 1986

M.A./Ph.D., Vision Science (Human Sensation & Perception)

University of Rochester, 1990

Job Responsibilities

As Associate Dean of Research & Graduate Education of RIT's College of Science, my role is to facilitate the growth and strengthening of the college's research activities and graduate programs. As Director of the Graduate Programs in Color Science and the Munsell Color Science Laboratory, I coordinate and lead the research and educational activities of RIT's Program of Color Science. And as Professor of Color Science, I participate in the teaching and research activities in Color Science.

Research Interests

Color Perception: Our research on topics in color perception and imaging is addressing several inter-related areas such as color-appearance modeling, image appearance, image preference, color measurement, image & video quality measurement, high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging, chromatic adaptation and observer metamerism. One focus of this research has been the ongoing development and psychophysical testing of color and image appearance models for a variety of applications such as mage/video quality, HDR rendering, and gamut-volume perception. Our work on fundamental aspects of color science is aimed at both developing improved perceptual experiences and promoting energy-saving technologies such as solid-state lighting and efficient image displays.