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Pre/co-requisites for calculus-based introductory physics courses

School of Physics & Astronomy

Beginning in the winter quarter 2008-2, the Physics Department began a new initiative designed to improve the opportunity for students to develop a strong physics foundation and to minimize the number of times they repeat courses. This initiative introduced a second calculus-based physics sequence titled University Physics IA (1017-369) and University Physics IIA (1017-389) which have the same basic course content and learning objectives as the standard University Physics I and II courses (1017-311 and 1017-312) but with an extra two contact hours per week. These extended contact hour courses are aimed at two student populations:
1. students with a weak foundation in math skills as measured by their performance on the Math Placement Exam and
2. students who have previously demonstrated a difficulty succeeding in a University Physics course.

The pre- and co-requisites for the calculus-based introductory physics course are summarized in the table below.

Note that students who earn an “A” in University Physics IA may choose to take University Physics II (rather than IIA) in a subsequent quarter, as long as all other pre- and co-requisites are satisfied. All other students in University Physics IA must continue with University Physics IIA.

Also, any student who earns a D, F or W in a University Physics course must repeat the course in the A format; for example, a student who is unsuccessful (D, F, W) in 1017-311 University Physics I must take 1017-369 University Physics IA. Likewise, a student who is unsuccessful in 1017-312 University Physics II must take 1017-389 University Physics IIA. For these students, the student’s home department should complete a “Request for Repeat of Grade” form and include an appropriate “statement of equivalency” since the course numbers are different.

Please contact the Physics Department office (585-475-2421) if you have any questions regarding proper student placement.


Pre- and Co-requisites for Introductory Calculus-based Physics Courses
("C" or better is required in ALL pre-requisite courses, unless otherwise noted)
Univ Phys I
  1016-281 1016-282
Univ Phys II
1017-311 1016-281 and 1016-282  
1017-369 with
grade of "A"
1016-271 and 1016-272 and
Univ Phys IA
  1016-261 and 1016-262 1016-272
1016-271 1016-272
1016-281 1016-282
Univ Phys IIA
1017-369 1016-261 and 1016-262 and
1016-271 and 1016-272 1016-273
1016-281 and 1016-282  
Univ Phys III
1017-369 or


1017-389 or
1016-261 and 1016-262
and 1016-272 and 1016-273
1016-271 and 1016-272
and 1016-273
1016-281 and 1016-282