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Distinguished Speaker Wouter van Hoven
Open to the Public Thursday, October 28, 2010
4:00 pm 70 1400  Golisano Hall
Reception to follow
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Wouter van Hoven

Director: Center for Wildlife Management
University of Pretoria www.wildlife.up.ac.za

Chairman: Ecolife Expeditions


Some challenges to wildlife in Africa today

Private land: The commercialization of wildlife in South Africa has led to most wildlife and wildlife habitat being found on private land. The privatization of conservation is very successful and provides a $ 400 million annual income and leads to many jobs in rural areas. Lion breeding has become very successful and very controversial. Is it ethical to breed lions for the purpose of sustainable use?  Greed also overshadows ethics when one looks at the level of Rhinoceros poaching that is on- going in Africa.

 Public land: On public land in most African states wildlife is on the decline. The opposite however holds true for South African National Parks where elephant overpopulation is becoming a serious problem in Kruger Park.


Professor Wouter van Hoven has been in the field of wildlife management and conservation in South Africa for over three decades and brings a wealth of academic and professional knowledge to universities, professional societies, and students worldwide via course instruction, speaking engagements and international education programs.  Professor van Hoven has degrees in zoology, botany, ecology, and physiology and is currently a professor at the University of Pretoria in Wildlife Management and holds a prestigious Marsh Professorship at the University of Vermont ,USA .  He has been an invited guest lecturer for many courses internationally including Nutritional Ecology/Wildlife Nutrition, Nature Reserve Planning, and Environmental Impacts of mining on natural areas. He is the founder of EcoLife Expeditions, which is an experiential hands-on study abroad provider with programs such as “Vets in the Wild,” “Wildlife Management & Conservation,”, and “African Heritage.” These courses are credited by the University of Pretoria.

Professor van Hoven is a recognized leader in the field of wildlife management throughout Africa.  He has  presented papers at over forty international meetings, appeared on ten televised documentaries,  provided ten chapters in various textbooks, has over seventy scientific publications, and has completed over two-hundred community outreach and/or consultancy projects as a supervisor and/or team leader.  He is a member or serves on the board of a variety of national and international organizations amongst others President of the Kissama Foundation.