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  • Beautiful Solutions
    Fundraising Underway for Excursion to Help Repair Medical Equipment
  • Beautiful Solutions
    Undergraduate Alexandra LaLonde’s Research Helps Improve Microfluidic Techniques
  • Beautiful Solutions
    Research by RIT Professor Points to Improvements in Tissue Engineering

Biomedical Engineers solve complex problems pertaining to healthcare and the human body. They develop these innovative solutions by applying their in-depth engineering perspective with their vast knowledge of the complex, interactive system of the human body.

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  • When I became a part of the Biomedical Engineering program at RIT, I knew...
    Mallory Rauch
  • RIT has provided me with many opportunities to grow and learn as an...
    Morgan Stoessel
  • Choosing RIT Biomedical Engineering was probably one of the best choices I...
    Tyler Roneker
  • Our advisors and mentors are extremely helpful and flexible in our...
    Kayla Wheeler
  • RIT is not like other technical institutes or engineering schools; the...
    Kelly Dunn
  • I got to challenge myself with captivating elective classes in my major,...
    Amanda Murray
  • The faculty and staff are motivators and drive my thirst for knowledge...
    Lauren Samar