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Nano-engineered Processes Laboratory (NEP Lab)

We perform basic research on phenomena like nano-structure formation and stability, and transport mechanisms under applied external fields using analytical and laboratory techniques from the molecular to the macro-scale. We apply the knowledge of these phenomena in order to develop intensified, energy-efficient strategies for separations and for energy usage.

We are currently working on developing a family of water treatment and remediation technologies using low-voltage electric fields called Capacitive Deionization (CDI), while maximizing energy recovery. The same technology can be used for energy storage in electrochemical supercapacitors. We utilize molecular modeling, cyclic voltammetry, scanning probe microscopy and other techniques to design separation media and identify properties governing the separation processes at the nano-scale. We then apply micro-scale and macro-scale analytical and experimental techniques to implement process design and prototypes.

We are also working on the utilization of gas hydrates for methane harvesting, gas-separation processes, gas transport & storage processes, and separation processes including produced-water treatment. We do mostly theoretical work at RIT and experimental work in partnership with other research groups and facilities.