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Katie McConky

Assistant Professor
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Kate Gleason College of Engineering

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Katie McConky

Assistant Professor
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Kate Gleason College of Engineering


BS, MS, Rochester Institute of Technology; Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo


Dr. Katie McConky received her B.S and M.S in Industrial Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and her Ph.D. in Operations Research from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Prior to joining the RIT faculty, Dr. McConky worked as a research scientist for CUBRC Inc. for seven years. While at CUBRC she gained a broad range of experiences as a research scientist on military situation awareness applications and intelligence community data mining projects, as well as the opportunity to be the lead data scientist for energy data analytics start-up TROVE.

Dr. McConky is using her experiences working with 6 different utilities on load forecasting, demand response optimization, energy efficiency program optimization, and energy theft detection to develop a research program focused on sustainability in the energy space. Of particular interest is the use of smart meter data to develop optimal residential and industrial demand side management strategies.

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Currently Teaching

0 Credits
This class introduces students to state of the art research and research methods in industrial, systems, and sustainable engineering. Presentations include off campus speakers and students/faculty presentations on current research under way in the department.
3 Credits
Topics and subject areas that are not regularly offered are provided under this course. Such courses are offered in a normal format; that is, regularly scheduled class sessions with an instructor.
4 Credits
An introduction to optimization through mathematical programming and stochastic modeling techniques. Course topics include linear programming, transportation and assignment algorithms, Markov Chain queuing and their application on problems in manufacturing, health care, financial systems, supply chain, and other engineering disciplines. Special attention is placed on sensitivity analysis and the need of optimization in decision-making. The course is delivered through lectures and a weekly laboratory where students learn to use state-of-the-art software packages for modeling large discrete optimization problems.
0 Credits
The second in a two course sequence that introduces students to research methods in industrial engineering and presents the state of the art in industrial engineering research. The two-course sequence is designed to promote discussion and interaction on IE research topics and to present research methods such as conducting critical reviews of research literature, initiating background research on a thesis topic, and preparing a formal thesis proposal.
0 - 4 Credits
A supervised investigation within an industrial engineering area of student interest. Professional elective.
1 - 3 Credits
This course is used by students who plan to study a topic on an independent study basis. The student must obtain the permission of the appropriate faculty member before registering for the course. Students registering for more than four credit hours must obtain the approval of both the department head and the adviser.
1 Credits
The first course in a series of courses for engineering honors students focused on how innovative products are developed, designed and manufactured to effectively meet the expanding needs of a global economy. This one-credit hour seminar course focuses on the key elements associated with the process of concept creation; namely, how individuals identify promising ideas for new products and how these ideas are shaped and refined in ways that will optimize the product's success in the marketplace, from the perspective of customer demand.
3 Credits
An introductory course in operations research focusing on modeling and optimization techniques used in solving problems encountered in industrial and service systems. Topics include deterministic and stochastic modeling methodologies (e.g., linear and integer programming, Markov chains, and queuing models) in addition to decision analysis and optimization tools. These techniques will be applied to application areas such as production systems, supply chains, logistics, scheduling, healthcare, and service systems.

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Full Patent
McConky, Katie, et al. "System and Method for Remote Activity Detection." U.S. Patent 9098553. 4 Aug. 2015.