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Study Abroad

As an engineering student, you may think it can be challenging to study abroad. However, with proper planning and foresight, you can have a study abroad experience and continue taking engineering courses. An international experience will give you a new perspective on how engineering problems are approached and solved throughout the world and you’ll gain professional skills that will set you apart in a globalized work environment.

Talk to your academic advisor about timing and coursework, then start searching for programs on the Study Abroad Compass. Or explore some featured programs specifically for engineering students.

Once you have a few programs in mind, make an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor by emailing or by calling 585-475-4466.

Clubs and Organizations

You’ll find hundreds of clubs and student organizations at RIT. Opportunities to network with industry professionals, to compete in national competitions, and to meet your counterparts at other universities are just some of the benefits of joining these organizations. Here are a few clubs of special interest to engineering students:

Undergraduate Student Handbook

Graduate Student Handbook

KGCOE Academic Integrity Policy and Honor Code

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