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Brian Landi

Department of Chemical Engineering
Kate Gleason College of Engineering

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Brian Landi

Department of Chemical Engineering
Kate Gleason College of Engineering


BS, MS, Ph.D., Rochester Institute of Technology


Areas of Expertise
Lithium ion batteries
carbon nanotubes

Currently Teaching

1 - 4 Credits
This course is a capstone project using research facilities available inside or outside of RIT.
3 Credits
This is a course in the fundamentals of both single and multiple-component thermodynamics. The first and second laws of thermodynamics and concepts of entropy and equilibrium are examined in open and closed control volume systems. Energy, work, and heat requirements of various unit operations are examined. Equations of states and properties of fluids are explored. Phase transition and equilibrium involving single-and multiple components are examined for both ideal and non-ideal systems. Energy released/absorbed during chemical reaction and solution creation are imbedded in analysis of chemical engineering processes
1 - 4 Credits
This course is a faculty-directed tutorial of appropriate topics that are not part of the formal curriculum. The level of study is appropriate for a masters-level student.
3 Credits
This course gives students fundamental background in the atomic and molecular structures of engineering materials and how they can be manipulated. The physical and chemical foundations of the thermal, electrical and optical properties of engineering materials are studied. The effect of fabrication on structure/material properties is examined, as well as criteria to select appropriate materials for engineering applications. A summary of nanomaterial properties and the prevalent methods of synthesis will also be highlighted.

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Journal Paper
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Published Conference Proceedings
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