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The General Education Committee shall study the general education curriculum and general education course proposals from a university-wide perspective and maintain appropriate inter-college relationships with regard to general education matters. The committee will: assure that there is on-going monitoring and assessment of the general education curriculum; assure that there is an on-going review of the general education curriculum to determine any need for modification;  consult with the ICC regarding procedures needed to initiate, review and approve a curriculum modification proposal;  review proposed courses for inclusion in the general education curriculum; assure the maintenance and up-keep of a data base of courses that are included as general education. The membership of the General Education Committee shall include: a faculty representative from each college to be elected by his or her collegial faculty who serves as a member of that college’s curriculum committee; one representative elected at large by the Academic Senate; one representative from the academic deans; the Chief Academic Officer or his or her delegate (ex-officio, voting); and the Director of Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment (ex-officio, non-voting).

This committee is now a sub-committee under ICC and charges can be found under ICC.

  1. Propose a policy that clarifies representatives’ responsibilities for engaging and reporting to their respective college constituencies.
  2. Review policy regarding immersions to determine whether the three-course model is sufficient or are there alternatives that should be permitted.