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Andres Kwasinski

Computer Engineering
Kate Gleason College of Engineering

2021 Submissions

Journal Paper

Vashist, Abhishek, et al. "KF-Loc: A Kalman Filter and Machine Learning Integrated Localization System Using Consumer-Grade Millimeter-wave Hardware." IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine. (2021): -. Print. *

Hartpence, Bruce and Andres Kwasinski. "CNN and MLP neural network ensembles for packet classification and adversary defense." Intelligent and Converged Networks 2. 1 (2021): 66-82. Print. *

Do, Dinh-Thuan, et al. "Performance Analysis of Clustering Car-Following V2X System with Wireless Power Transfer and Massive Connections." IEEE Internet of Things Journal. (2021): -. Print. *

Mamun, Sayed Ashraf, et al. "NASCon: Network-Aware Server Consolidation for server-centric wireless datacenters." Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems. (2021): 100452. Print. *

Shah-Mohammadi, Fatemeh and Andres Kwasinski. "Neural Network Cognitive Engine for Autonomous and Distributed Underlay Dynamic Spectrum Access." IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society 2. (2021): 719--737. Print. *

Full Patent

Kwasinski, Andres and Fatemeh Shah Mohammadi. "Radio spectrum sharing leveraging link adaptation in primary network." U.S. Patent 11032826. 8 Jun. 2021.

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