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Brick City Homecoming


Brick City Homecoming  was October 14-16, 2016! :


If you won’t be here for Homecoming, stay in touch with your alma mater through the RIT Alumni Association page:

How to Connect with Students


Interested in mentoring Honors Program students? If you are, let us know by emailing and tell us where you are, what kind of work you do and how you would be willing to connect with a student. RIT Honors Program students may be interested in talking with you about your work, your employer and even where you live. If you’re in Rochester, you may be able to connect with students at a dinner arranged by the college representative and Honors Advocate. If you’re out of town, many of our students travel with their college and may be heading in your direction.


For questions or further discussion about how you can connect, please call Kathy Reid, Staff Assistant, at 585-475-4511 or Kerrie Bondi, Assistant Director, at 585-475-7358.