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What is Honors?

Honors is about enriched academic experiences, personal growth through leadership and service, and fellowship that helps you develop lifelong relationships and talents.

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Number of hours our students volunteered in 2021


Number of leadership hours our students completed in 2021


Goldwater Award winners since 2012 who are also Honors Program students


Percentage of the RIT student body who are in the Honors Program

Message from Director

Carl Lutzer

The RIT Honors Program is an inclusive community of curious and creative people from across the university who see opportunity in challenge, and recognize that excellence comes from hard work. We seek meaningful experiences, we support each other as we strive to live into our potential, and we believe that, together, we can change the world for the better.

Carl Lutzer
Director, Honors Program

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Student Spotlight

Honors students are among the top students, not just at RIT, but also around the country. Honors students regularly earn some of the top awards at RIT and in their fields, and they are internationally recognized for their work and studies.

Admissions Process

Invitations to newly admitted students are handled by the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Current RIT students may be eligible to apply for admission to the Honors Program through the Internal Admission process, which happens early in the spring semester.


The Honors Newsletter, written by students for students, features surveys, event write-ups, puzzles, and general informational articles.

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Student Portal

One stop shop for submitting your points, etc.