Honors Council

The Honors Council is a student-oriented, student-run part of the Honors Program that exists to promote the pillars of citizenship, leadership, and academic excellence, to foster community and wellness among students in the Honors Program, and to represent the interests of the student body to the faculty and administration. Honors Council is comprised of four committees that each uphold the foundations of the Honors Program.

Executive Committee

Image of Kaelyn Beeman

Kaelyn Beeman




Ellie Headshot

Ellie Fairchild

Vice President of Operations



Myren Headshot

Myren Bobryk-Ozaki

Vice President of Information and Communications


Service and Leadership Committee

Matt Headshot

Matt Kowalski

SCB Delegate
SLC Chair


Hunter Heineman Headshot

Hunter Heineman

COS Delegate



Shriya Wani

General Delegate


Tyler Weiss

Tyler Weiss

SOIS Delegate


Jillian Antol

Jillian Antol

General Delegate


Academic Excellence Committee

Image of Sam Marino

Sam Marino

COLA Delegate
AEC Chair


Jess Hall Headshot

Jessica Hall

CAD Delegate


Portrait of Alaina Mupparthi

Alaina Mupparthi

Internal Admit Delegate


Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen

GCCIS Delegate


Community and Wellness Committee

Christine Headshot

Christine Espeleta

General Delegate
CWC Chair


CJ Haver Headshot

CJ Haver

KGCOE Delegate


Josh Sitte

Josh Sitte

NTID Delegate


Kyra Stockwell Headshot

Kyra Stockwell

BIPOC Delegate


Courtney Cimmerer

Courtney Cimmerer

CHST Delegate


Garen Earls

Garen Earls

First Year Delegate


Rachael Tobey

Rachael Tobey

CET Delegate


Honors Council Delegates

The Honors Council is made up of College Delegates that represent each academic unit on campus, as well as communities of students in the Honors program. These individuals serve on committees and act a liaisons to each College. They are a resource for all Honors students and are able to answer questions about Honors within your specific College, discipline, or community. Please feel free to connect with them directly using the contact emails below.

Executive Council Delegates

Honors Council President: Contact Kaelyn Beeman at kab3857@rit.edu

Vice President of Operations: Contact Ellie Fairchild at erf6481@rit.edu

Vice President of Information and Communications: Contact Myren Bobryk-Ozaki at elb7341@rit.edu


College-Specific Delegates

CAD: Contact Jessica Hall at jlh7880@rit.edu

CET: Contact Rachael Tobey at rkt2763@rit.edu

CHST: Contact Courtney Cimmerer at cnc4522@rit.edu

COLA: Contact Sam Marino at srm9893@rit.edu

COS: Contact Hunter Heineman at mjk3249@rit.edu

GCCIS: Contact Anh Nguyen at aln4739@rit.edu

KGCOE: Contact CJ Haver at cjh2141@rit.edu

NTID: Contact Josh Sitte at jas7801@rit.edu

SCB: Contact Matt Kowalski at mjk3249@rit.edu

SOIS: Contact Tyler Weiss at tjw9262@rit.edu

Non-College Specific Delegates

BIPOC Delegate: Contact Kyra Stockwell at kls8526@rit.edu

First Year Delegate: Contact Garen Earls at gle8122@rit.edu

Internal Admit: Contact Alaina Mupparthi at asm1075@rit.edu

General Delegates: Contact Christine Espeleta at cae6859@rit.edu and/or  Shriya Wani at spw3572@rit.edu and/or Jillian Antol at jra1130@rit.edu