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Internal Admit


Application Processes


Current RIT students can apply for internal admission either through the summer research process or through the regular process (without summer research project). The February 15, 2019 by 11:59 pm submission deadline is the same for both processes.  Decisions will be made by spring break.


Application with Regular Process 

  • See the online application
  • KGCOE and COS will NOT participate in the regular internal admission process.  See below for their application process.
  • CET, GCCIS, CAD, SCB, CHST, CLA, NTID, SoIS, and UE apply using the link above.  

Application with Summer Research Process

  • Current KGCOE and COS students will only be accepted into the Honors Program through the Summer Research Process.  
  • CET, GCCIS, CAD, SCB, CHST, CLA, NTID, SoIS, and UE students may also submit proposals with the approval of their Honors Advocate.  
  • All students except COS go to Summer research application 2019 to complete this process.
  • COS students go to the COS Online Application:  Please note that this deadline is February 8.



Students conducting summer research are responsible for their own housing arrangements and for their housing expenses. If a student selects to live in RIT housing for the summer semester, the link to the summer housing rates can be found here.



With both processes

  • Students will describe their extra-curricular, service, and leadership activities.
  • Students will describe how membership in the Honors Program will contribute to their educational, professional, or research goals. 
  • Students will submit a letter from a faculty member describing their academic strengths, extracurricular activities (where applicable), and potential to benefit from and contribute to the Honors Program.


Please contact the Honors Advocate for your college or the Honors Program Director with questions about the Internal Admit application process.


Admission after your first year at RIT


Current RIT students may be eligible to apply for admission to the Honors Program as Internal Admit students. Internal admission is a highly competitive process and minimal eligibility requirements are:

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • Faculty recommendation.
  • A minimum of two years of academic coursework remaining at RIT to complete the undergraduate degree, beginning with the upcoming fall semester.
    • (Internal admission is effective at the beginning of the fall semester).
  • Evidence of extracurricular, service and leadership activities. 


To continue with and graduate from the Honors Program, honors students are required to:

  • Maintain the GPA specified by year level.
  • Complete the honors academic requirements. Internal Admit Honors students will complete:
    • 6 points for Honors Experiences
    • Research
    • Honors Senior Seminar
  • Complete 20 hours of complementary learning annually.
  • The Honors Program requirements can be found here.