New Program Assessment Plan must be signed off on by Dr. Laurie Clayton, Educational Effectiveness Assessment Director prior to the submission of a new program proposal. 

Summarize the plan for program level outcomes assessment including how data from assessment will inform program improvement.  See Academic Program Assessment/Program Level Outcomes Assessment plan.

Program Level Outcomes Assessment: Provide the program's outcomes assessment plan, articulating: 

        1. Program Goals
        2. Anticipated program student learning outcomes
        3. For each program level outcome include:

  • Data source and assessment method/measure to be used
  • Student achievement level (benchmark)
  • assessment schedule data collection
  • plan for reviewing, disseminating and acting upon results to inform, program improvement

Visit Academic Program and Curriculum Management for additional information on the development of new academic programs


For questions related to developing a new program assessment plan, contact, 

Dr. Laurie A. Clayton
Dr. Laurie A. Clayton, Director