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D07.0 Foreign Travel Programs

The purpose of this policy is to devise a framework that will permit an orderly development of foreign travel programs. Proper academic planning regarding credit to be granted, if any, and the extent of the university's liability must be clarified before any faculty or active students conduct a foreign travel program.

  1. Faculty or students contemplating leading a group which will involve receiving academic credit must consult the dean of their respective college. If the travel does not involve receiving academic credit, the vice president for Student Affairs must be consulted. Six months in advance of date of departure would be a minimum lead time for necessary planning.

  2. The dean of the college will review the feasibility of the academic program with respect to such factors as course content and whether credit is to be granted. If credit for the trip is deemed feasible, the dean will follow university policy and procedure regarding necessary approvals through established curriculum committees or through independent study procedure as appropriate.

  3. The dean will also assign someone in the college responsibility for coordination of academic details.

  4. Planning for all travel programs will need to be communicated to the University's offices of the Registrar and of Finance and Administration in order to establish proper records, financial accounts, tuition charges and contractual arrangements.

  5. Documents for promotion of programs should be cleared in advance with the appropriate dean, and shall set forth as clearly as practicable the responsibilities of the university, of the student and of third parties.

Responsible Office:

Effective Date:
Approved September 9, 1970

Policy History: 
Edited August 2010

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