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FedEx Mailing

If requested, documents (such as transcripts or diplomas) can be mailed via FedEx by our office. In order to request FedEx mailing, you must create a shipping label through the FedEx website using a FedEx account or credit card and provide a shipping label. We will place your documents into a FedEx envelope and ship them.

Note: Requesting FedEx mailing does not effect processing time. Once a request has been processed, FedEx will shorten delivery time.

Domestic Mailing

If you live in the US and are sending to another US address, plese follow these steps:

  1. Go to the FedEx US Website.
  2. Click Create a Shipment.

  3. If you have a FedEx user ID, sign in. Otherwise, select either Create a User ID for Shipping with a credit card or Create a one-time credit card shipment. (creating a User ID will speed up this process in the future)
    FedEx - Create Shipment
  4. If you are shipping to an address other than your own, enter your address in the From section. If the package cannot be delivered, it will be returned to this address. If you are shipping to your own address, you may instead put our address in the "From" section.
    Note: regardless of the From address, the final amount that you are billed will be based on shipping from our office. Your initial quote may be higher or lower than this amount depending on the address you enter as the sender address.
  5. In the To section, enter the destination address. This must be a street address, as FedEx will not ship to a P.O. Box.
  6. Under FedEx Standard Rates, enter 0.5 lbs as the package weight.

  7. Select FedEx Envelope as the package type.

  8. Select your desirted service in the Delivery Date section.
  9. Enter your credit card information in Payment Method.
  10. Click on Ship and print out the label.

Include the printed label with your request. Please ensure that the barcode on the printed label is clear enough for FedEx to scan.

If you are sending your request electronically, include the label as a second page. Be sure that the scanned label is clear.

International Mailing

If you live outside of the US or are shipping to a non-US address, you will need to use a FedEx account. If you require assistance with creating or using an account or preparing an international shipment, please contact FedEx support.

When preparing an international shipment, use our office address as the From address.